Our R&D department work to develop highly innovative solutions, ensuring that Danaflex can continue to meet client requirements long-term.

Danaflex is a company with innovation at its very core.

We work on innovative solutions for our clients, ensuring that our materials meet even the most demanding of specifications.

We maintain continuous contact with our clients, and raw material and equipment suppliers, making every effort to go further than the development of superior films.

We introduce processing and technical innovations with a view to increasing material utilisation and reducing our waste. That results in the improvement of our customers’ output as well as a drop in costs.

Our R&D centre oversees on-going research in the field of high-barrier and environment-friendly initiatives, so that Danaflex-packed products stay fresh longer and bring less harm to the environment.

Research Work

Each of our innovations begins with the suppliers of film materials and passes through our production technology before being handed over to our clients.

We have made huge progress in this way, developing the new DanPlex material for Doy-Pack. Danaflex is also one of the first in the flexible packaging market to implement a solvent lamination technique. Now we are engaging in the creation of improved composites and triplex.