Agricultural films

Danaflex-nano agricultural film is an area of innovative packing solutions for agricultural producers. We offer various film materials employed in many activities including soil bedding, growing and cropping, storage and packing of the crops.

  • Silage film

    Special trench film for potting of silage and haylage solves the problem of silo-type storages tight to air penetration. The film simplifies the process of feed potting, reducing losses and providing for excellent silage quality.

    • Thickness
      150 µm
    • Colour
    Silage film


    • Mechanical damages resistance;
    • Anti-UV components protect the film from devastating impact of the sunlight;
    • Special additives provide for increased frost resistance and flexibility of the covering material;
    • Optimal web dimensions together with coverage allow for a reduction in the number of joints, lowering the risks of unpacking of the storages.


    • Waterproof insulation of silo-type storages

      Waterproof insulation of silo-type storages

    • Reservoir equipping

      Reservoir equipping

    • Gardening


  • Agricultural stretch film

    We developed a special Agricultural stretch film designed for haylage packing (also known a haylage stretch film). It is a type of stretch film produced of environment friendly polyethylene which is successfully used in agriculture for hay packing.

    • Thickness
      25 µm
    • Colour
      White, light green, black
    Agricultural stretch film


    • High tensile strength;
    • Flexibility and elongation of the film;
    • Excellent tie-up properties;
    • High resistance towards UV-rays (the film stays outdoor more than half a year avoiding any collapse under sunlight influence);
    • Precipitation resistance;
    • Advanced barrier penetration;
    • Feeds keep required quality through the year;


    • Hay


    • Transportation