Extrusion Coated and Laminated films

Lamination of paper and other materials is based on the extrusion coating/lamination method. This lamination of the paper, cardboard and foil allows material adhesion whilst avoiding delamination and other such damage. Paper lamination can offer the finished item different degrees of strength, depending on the thickness of the film.

  • Laminated paper

    Thanks to multiply compound this type of material could be qualified as composite one. The main components of the laminated paper are a paper base and a polymer layer applied to it.

    • Thickness
      40-100 µm
    Laminated paper


    • High strength;
    • Humidity and temperature change resistance;
    • Enhanced tear and other mechanical impact resistant than conventional paper.


    • Grocery


    • Foodstuffs


    • Bulk products

      Bulk products

    • Pharmaceutical products

      Pharmaceutical products

  • Composite material

    4-layer composite of aluminum foil and paper, laminated together by molten polyethylene and additional an polymer layer applied to the paper (or foil).

    • Thickness
      60-120 µm
    Composite material


    • Supreme weld strength due to an excellent sealing of the material (including over-temperatures);
    • Adequate strength and resistance towards most of harsh medium (spirit, chemical compounds, domestic liquids, acetone);
    • Increase in packing line production rate and goods conversion speed together with cut in energy consumption and minimization of any possibility of tightness violation.


    • Hygiene products

      Hygiene products

    • Make-up


    • Confection