Shrink film

5-layer polyethylene shrink film (PE/TU) is a polymer film able to shrink when heat exceeding melting point of the polymer is applied. Films are stretched when they are warm and highly-elastic and then cooled down.

    • Thickness
      30-100 µm
    • Colour


    • enhanced film flexability due to additional combinations of layers thickness;
    • thanks to the multi-layer film structure it is 15-20% stronger than similar thickness films. This allows to reduce the thickness and weight of the packaging keeping goods consumer properties;
    • Excellent gloss and clarity, improved the appeal of packaging;
    • Perfectly takes form of packed items;
    • Keeps strength and flexibility at low temperatures;
    • Well-suited for shrink wrappers of any type;
    • No hazardous substances emission;
    • Packaging weld strength is as good as main material strength;
    • Storage temperature requirements from −50 С up to +30 С;
    Shrink film


    • Office goods

      Office goods

    • Foodstuffs


    • Newspapers and magazines

      Newspapers and magazines

    • Construction materials

      Construction materials

    • Small ware and housewares

      Small ware and housewares

    • Bottles and jars

      Bottles and jars